Foreign Material Analysis

At Pre Med Testing we focus on verifying the safety of your cannabis, in order to do so you need to make sure there are no harmful compounds, such as mold, yeast, foreign matter, and other hazardous contaminants. Mold, yeast, and other foreign matter can cause allergic reactions in certain individuals, and sometimes cause dangerous infections.

Foreign matter can occur on cannabis during harvest, and especially when the cannabis is stored after harvest. Mold, yeast, and other foreign matter can cause deterioration and decomposition to cannabis, resulting in losses to both the retailer and patient.

Here at Pre Med Testing we offer a CFU (Colony forming units) count on Yeast/Mold, this is a general test for the presence of a number of yeast/fungal matter. This analysis serves as an indicator based on the total number of growing colonies recorded. All medicine must meet our acceptable standards. The acceptable limit is <1,000 CFU/G, anything over this will cause the sample to fail the test.

Please call for pricing and any other questions regarding the foreign material analysis.