Our Lab

The Pre Med Testing team is composed of scientists and entrepreneurs with nearly 60 years of combined experience.

We have a stringent step by step process followed for all samples that arrive at our lab:

  • Visual Analysis
  • Record Photo
  • Record Weight
  • Digest Sample
  • Run quality control check
  • Place sample in testing vial
  • Place sample in our machinery for analysis
  • Review all calculations
  • Present final report to client
  • Make sure client is satisfied with report
  • Why use our lab over our competitors?

    • We have nearly 60 years combined experience in the laboratory industry
    • We guarantee the tested cannabis to be safe for use
    • Our Quality Control/Quality Assurance protocol is used for every sample analyzed. For samples passing our QC/QA criteria you can be sure you’re getting the most accurate reports.

  • Equipment and Processes

    • Each sample is checked into the lab computer, then is ready to go to our sample prep station, where it is Inspected carefully and gets weighed out, and is then prepped to run on our machinery.
    • Equipment used: 1100 HPLC/DAD,¬†Agilent¬†5973N MS, Agilent¬†6890N GC and Tekmar 7000 Headspace analyzer

  • General Turn Around Time:

    • We strive to meet your requests within 24 – 48 hours.
    • We provide communication throughout the testing process so you’re always informed.

  • premed testing form

    When testing is complete:

    • You’ll receive an easy-to-read report certified by Pre Med Testing Inc
    • You’ll have peace of mind and scientific proof of the quality of your products.